About Dental Assistant Licensing

by Heather

Now I will be covering some important information about dental assistant licensing. Although they vary from state to state, some will require you to have a license in order to become a dental assistant in their office, while others will only require some sort of schooling, such as a certified dental assistant course, school or program etc.

But if you can get a license, then that will only help and increase that chances of you getting a job as a dental assistant. For instance, if you are competing with someone else for a job, and you have graduated from a dental assisting school, and you have the license, you would have the advantage over the applicant that only has the school degree.

There are no federal laws for having a dental assisting license, since it is based upon what state it is that you are applying for. If you want to get a license you will have to look into the procedures for whatever state is you are trying to apply for the license for. Some times you will be able to transfer it over to another state, while in other situations you will not be able to do so. But in order to get it you will need to pass a DAT. Which is known as a dental admission test. This could be a lot like the exams you had to take when you where in school. It would cover everything about dental assisting more than likely, from procedures, responsibilities and duties, along with the safety and hygiene that must be maintained when you are working in the office.

Note that some dental assisting programs and schools that are out there, will give you the license at the end of the course as it is tied into the program. More than often though, these schools will generally be more expensive than the schools that do not offer the dental assisting license after completion. So if you have not had any schooling yet, and you want to make a career of being a dental assistant, then you should look into this before you get the loan, or take out the money to join the dental assisting program.

Just remember if you have this license, then you will have a huge advantage over many other applicants that you may be competing with. So take that into consideration when you are deciding to go with the cheaper dental assisting program, or if you want to go with the more expensive one. You will also be required to get a background check when you are applying for a dental assistant job regardless of what state you are in, so keep that in mind before you go out and spend a fortune on getting certified. The intensity of the background check all depends on the state, it would be best to call around in your state to the local dental offices to get the exact requirements that you will have to meet to be able to be employed as a dental assistant.

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