Dental Assistants in Prisons

by Heather

The title might have you a bit intrigued, but it shouldn’t. Believe it or not there is a great demand for dental assistants that are working in prisons. There are many states that are trying to develop special programs for inmates, many of which are in state prisons, mostly preventative care and yearly cleanings. There are many dental assistants that would never take a job working in a prison, due to the fear of working on convicted felons. Since this is the case, you can expect to make a lot more money than the other dental assistants that are employed in your state.

Others may want to work in a state prison because it is challenging, and they are up for the task. Some just want to help others that many will not be willing to offer, regardless of the inmates criminal background, they want to make sure they receive good dental care. But as with everything, this would more than likely be a government related job, and the main reason that dental assistants would apply for this position is because the pay is more than nice.

You must consider that there is going to be more risk working as a dental assistant in a prison compared to working in civilian offices. This must be taken into consideration before applying for this position. There are certain guidelines that must be followed, and if you choose to misread or not follow one of those rules or guidelines you could be putting yourself, or your life in great danger, so it is a must that you follow all procedures to the T.

A lot of the prisoners that are incarcerated do not have anything to lose, so you must never let your guard down no matter what. If you think that something doesn’t seem right, then it would behoove you to go with your instincts as it could save your life. Dental assistants will have protection, and you are not expected to ever be left alone in the same room with a prisoner.

There have been cases in the past where the prisoner would try and take the Dental Assistant as hostage, in a crazy attempt to break out and escape from prison. Due to this security is always on their toes and everyone has to be alert. You must also take great care of your dental tools, never leave them in the reach of a prisoner, and be sure to do an inventory before and after the dental appointment. Many dental tools can be used as weapons, either right there on the spot, or they can take them back to the cell with them with the nack to do some harm to someone later. This is why it is vital for the dental assistant to take accountability for all of the dental tools that are used in routine procedures.

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