Getting Accepted as a Dental Assistant

by Heather

There are a handful of jobs that are growing in demand these days, one of these professions is the dental assistant. So if you are wanting to become a dental assistant, then you have made a wise choice as they are expected to be high in demand for the next couple of years. It is not that easy though, you just cant go into a dental office, apply for the position and expect to get it. There are many things that you have to complete prior to applying. One of these would be a dental assistant training at a school or program of some kind.

Many of these dental assisting programs will require some form of background check. Do not be surprised if you have to take a drug test, and have proof of education . This will vary with every state most likely. There are also dental assisting training schools that are out there that will generally accept just about anyone if you have the money to pay for the dental assisting school, but just because you get the degree does not guarantee you a job once you graduate.

See dental assistants will have to work around and with many different people every single day that they are at work. This is why it is essential that the office of the dental place does an background criminal check. For instance, if you have a history of bad conduct, or even a felony, you can more than likely kiss your chances of becoming a dental assistant good bye.

Again, this all depends on what state it is that you are applying for. Some may only look at your history from 7 years back, and they might overlook some petty misdemeanors. But if you have a record of assault or something that is equal to that, you more than likely will not even be accepted into any kind of dental assisting program, none the less, you will definitely not be able to get a job as a dental assistant anywhere, in any state.

Once you get your dental license, you will have to renew it over a period of time, again, depending on what state it is that you have to renew it. This will vary from every 3 to 5 years, and a background check could be done to before your dental assisting license is renewed, if at all.

You will also have to be tested for Hepatitus B, because of the amount of patients you will be around day in and day out. You can also expect to take a drug test, but that really goes without saying. Becoming a dental assistant requires a lot of responsibility, and there are many people out there that want to become one but will never have the opportunity to do so, so if you get the chance to become a dental assistant, be responsible and don’t mess it up, it will not take long to replace you if you do.

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