Orthodontic Assistant Training

by Heather

I have been covering many things that you can expect to be doing as a dental assistant, but did you know that they can also be an assistant in Orthodontics? By now you should have a general clue, or at least a good idea of what the duties are of a dental assistant. Everything from handing the dentist or hygienist the dental tools during a procedure, to sterilizing the tools, and every so often they may be required to help out with work done in the laboratory. But a dental assistant in Orthodontics, the tasks will vary a little bit, so I decided I will cover a little bit on Orthodontic Assistant training.

They will still have the same duties as when it comes to keeping the office and work place a clean environment, along with proper sanitation throughout the work place, but they will be able to get a little more hands on experience when it comes to working with the patients. See the things that Dental Assistants are allowed to do to patients when it comes to hands on is very limited, this is due to qualifications which require much more schooling. But as an Orthodontic Assistant, you will get the chance to do some hands on work inside of the patients mouth such as tightening wire, changing out rubber bands, or ever fixing loose brackets.

This will also give the Orthodontic Assistant to build a relationship with the patient, as they will be coming back in every couple of weeks to a couple of months, as people usually wear braces for a couple of years. When you are taking part in Dental Assistant training at either school or other type of special program, being a Dental Assistant in a Orthodontics office is something that is not taught. It is something that will have to be taught when you are out there in the working world in most cases.

A good reason that a dental assistant may want to work in Orthodontics is it will give them the chance to acquire an area of expertise in the Dental field. This will surely lead to more money in the long run, and you will have more knowledge then the average Dental Assistant. Usually in a Orthodontics office the patient will run across many Orthodontic Assistants throughout the period that they have to wear the braces. Some assistants will be responsible for making the molds, as others day in and day out will just work on fixing broken or loose braces, until a replacement can be trained so that individual can move on to another task, thus excelling in the dental field.

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